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Compare an HSA to your current health plan

Enter your current health plan amounts and that of an HSA plan that you would like to compare side-by-side.
For examples, compare one of the following plans to a copay plan.

An HSA Can Cost Less Than Other Health Plans

Current Plan HSA Plan Difference
Annual Premium (Monthly x 12)1 $ $ $

HSA Plans Make Quality Coverage Simple

Current Plan HSA Plan Difference
Calendar-Year Deductible per Family $ $
Out-of-Pocket Expense to Reach 100% Coinsurance (Annual Deductible[s] Plus
Annual Coinsurance[s])2
$ $
Only 1 deductible
per family!
HSA Annual Deposit Amount (12 Monthly
Deposits)3 (Use All or Part of Your Premium
Savings to Fund Your HSA)
$ $
Net Amount (Out-of-Pocket Expense2 Minus
HSA Annual Deposit Amount)3
$ $ $

HSA Plans Offer Tax-Advantaged Savings

Current Plan HSA Plan Difference
1040 Tax Deduction4 (Equal to HSA Annual
Deposit Amount)3
$ $ $
Asset Accumulation (Unused HSA Deposits
Grow Tax-Deferred)
0% 2% Annually5 2% Annually5